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And we cook, too!

This was created to introduce a set of dishes that we drummed up in the spirit of an amateur “Iron Chef” cooking competition, with a group of professionals who normally do their sweating outside of the kitchen. Of course, a menu was required! . . .at least, by us. (For most happy designers, design is inextricably tied to life—for the better.)

Here’s a gander at the food that our team presented:

The required ingredient was basil, with the extra challenge of using basil + wild game + sausage in one dish.

Boy, did we eat well that evening! And if it means anything, we won, too.


Go Giants—2.0

Giants vs. Marlins poster by rise and shine studio

I think there is a shared sentiment with designers and artists that a piece is never done (to see the original one, click here). . . so this is my revised Giants vs. Marlins poster.—Rob

If we haven’t already met you in person. . .

Here’s our (rise-and-shine studio’s) business card—lusciously letterpressed and good fun to distribute. Assembling this bifold card to connect arms in a handshake always garners a few giggles. . .even from ourselves still. Click on photo to see details.

Production info: A steel rule die is not the way to go when die cutting shapes this small—no matter what the vendor claims. (We learned the hard way.) These puppies had to be laser cut individually by our friends at Fireside Laser Arts in San Francisco. Luckily, our stock was inked with a dark color as laser cutting leaves a visible brownish burn mark around the edges. Though know that letterpressing in a dark ink has its challenges as well—you must account for bleed when knocking out type, and you must be okay with a spotted texture, which we happen to really like. The printing was also done locally, on tree-free paper (in record speed) by the nice folks at Mercurio Brothers in Berkeley.

Also, an update, We are still selecting local, environmentally sustainable vendors to produce our line of Friendly Reminder T-shirts at a reasonable cost to you. Stay tuned. Or, email info{at}rise-and-shine{dot}com for pre-orders.

Giving back.


In the spirit of giving, Rob created this sweet group of kiddies, while Melissa drew some type to match, in an effort to forward the philanthropic mission of Pandora + GlobalGiving.

Go Giants—and giant-sized windows!

giantsPosterTo take advantage of our new studio’s sizable storefront window (and to keep things fun around here), we decided that a poster series is in order.

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Going circular.

Available in bookstores now-ish.

We had some fun pattern-making recently, while designing this layout for nutritionist Esther Blum‘s 1-a-day calendar: Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous Daily Calendar.

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Active design.

This poster has traveled across the world and the internet, participating in a global show for peace, since the US waged war with Iraq.