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A new female in the studio.

Female Butterfly emerging from Chrysalis

It’s a bouncing baby butterfly! Meet Violet. She emerged today as the perfect Eve to our first-born male.

With all of our fast turn-times and challenging work (not to mention the pressure of our creative pride), miracles happen in our studio often. . .but this one takes the cake. As always, it’s a regular zoo in here, complete with nature’s wonder to remind us to pause and look around.



Say Hello to our resident Monarchs.

These are models for a signage project that we are developing for the Butterfly Grove down in Pismo State Beach.

Since early March, we’ve been sharing a work space with these critters, to capture all the fine moments of their growth and metamorphosis. We received 10 eggs, plus some further in their development for good measure. These photos show off some of the ones we’ve been nurturing since birth.

From top to bottom: Egg, Larvae (yup, their first meal is the egg shell), Caterpillar, Chrysalis

What the sea dragged in.


Thanks to Rob, seaweed never looked so good. Here’s a look at Carmel, California from a different perspective. . . Continue reading

The wild wild west. Safari West, that is.

Lucky for those of us San Franciscans who are short on vacation time, we don’t have to travel far to get a taste of life outside of the states—so many different kinds of foods, people and yes, animals.

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Photography, just for the love of it.

Yes, we do leave our computers every now and again—in fact, we make a point of it. Our art informs our lives; our lives inform our art. Here’s some of Rob’s handiwork, shot last fall while wandering the wonderland that is Alaska:

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