The wild wild west. Safari West, that is.

Lucky for those of us San Franciscans who are short on vacation time, we don’t have to travel far to get a taste of life outside of the states—so many different kinds of foods, people and yes, animals.

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Active design.

This poster has traveled across the world and the internet, participating in a global show for peace, since the US waged war with Iraq.

Wearing our hearts on our sleeves.

Just a sneak preview of our Friendly Reminder line of t-shirts. 100% sustainable, 0% sweat shop labor, made in the US. Good for the earth, good for others, good for Americans, and good for you! They’re coming soon to rise-and-shine’s shop, and we are currently accepting pre-orders: email info{at}

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Photography, just for the love of it.

Yes, we do leave our computers every now and again—in fact, we make a point of it. Our art informs our lives; our lives inform our art. Here’s some of Rob’s handiwork, shot last fall while wandering the wonderland that is Alaska:

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